Cacao Ceremony – Letting Go

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The practice of letting go is essential to have the capacity to create new habits and to allow inspiration, creativity and new energy to come through. When we hold on to what is no longer serving us, we can feel stuck and overwhelmed and block the beauty that life is holding in store for us.

Leaves are falling from the trees right now..     .. Nature knows this practice really well.
Every year the same process happens again and again and we can learn so much from noticing and allowing the shifts and changes in nature to guide us in our own internal processes.

What is holding you back in your life?
What are you ready to let go of?

You are invited to a Ceremony, where you will get help with more clarity around this and use the power of intention and ritual to access the change needed in your life.

Welcome ❤

“Ceremonies are the way we remember to remember”

Robin Wall Kimmerer

The work we do within the Cacao Ceremonies is always dedicated to Connection.

It’s all about Connection.. and Remembrance. Our elders say ”ceremonies are the way we remember to remember” and Cacao is a powerful medicinal plant that was cherished and used by indigenous people in Ceremony, but has since been forgotten. We are part of a global movement that are inviting Cacao back into Ceremony. She helps us open our hearts and return us back into harmony within and without. Cacao’s value is both nutritious, emotional and spiritual.


The generations coming after us, need us to “step up our game”. Our beloved planet needs that too. The time has never been so ripe as right Now. It is time to reclaim, integrate and normalise Sacred Ceremony, Ritual and Practice into our culture again. It will look different yes, but maybe that’s exactly what is needed for todays people and our modern day challenges.
Let us explore and nourish relationships with plants and each other, to allow more support on our journey towards wholeness, as our ancestors did before us. Cacao is one of many available plant allies and she is so gentle and lovely to partner with <3

We wish to share tools that we have found to be useful building blocks of our own wellbeing, stability and happiness.
They include:

  • Cacao
  • Ritual
  • Breathwork
  • Sharing
  • Dance
  • Meditation
  • Journalling
  • Sacred Songs
  • Sound Journeys

Gathering in these ways are a part of a more sustainable way of living. It’s a way to honour Life, Death, Humanity, Spirit and all that exists in between and a way to access deeper wisdom and the power of change and transformation. Everything we need to know is dancing within our own cells. Let us help each other to awaken that.
This is a new beginning… and it’s going to be magic!

No experience is needed from before, only a calling in your own heart for deeper connection.

To ask questions, write us at


Cacao is a plant medicine used for healing of the whole person – body, mind, heart and soul. No matter how you wish to use Cacao, she meets you where you are in your own process. You could drink it when you want an energy boost, or to replenish your magnesium layer. (Cacao is a superfood!) Others use Cacao to work with blockages in the body, open their hearts, get help with more focus in studies, increased creativity, assistance with inner child work, yoga practice, meditation etc, etc. The applications are endless.
We use wild grown, direct trade, Criollo beans from Guatemala. The beans are hand picked, hand peeled and treated with care and love from bean to cup. On the international market, This Cacao is known as “Keiths Cacao”.


The monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitors in Cacao, which allows for the absorption of neurotransmitters in the body, can interact with some anti-depressant medications and create unpleasant side effects, such as migraine when combined with such medications. Please let us know beforehand if you are taking any medications, if you are pregnant, or have a severe heart condition, as we will need to adjust your dose accordingly.



We will be gathering in Eurytmi Salen at the Steiner School (The Eurythmics Hall). Standing at the front door, our room has its own entrance door on the right side of the building. Posters will be up, showing you the way.
We recommend that you come by car if possible and avoid public transport. There are plenty of parking spots outside the school. But if you are arriving by boat from Oslo, take the one leaving Aker Brygge at 17.03. Then take the corresponding bus 560 Hasle at the dock, to the stop called SKOKLEFALL KIRKE. You will be there around 17.35. Cross the street and you will see the the school.


  • Loose-fitting / light clothes + something that keeps you warm warm, like a scarf or blanket.
  • Water bottle.
  • There is no yoga mats at the venue. So if you need something to sit on, like a mat or a cushion, bring your own.
  • Optional – Food/snack to have available during or after Ceremony.
  • Optional – Sacred object to put on the altar or offering.


Avoid caffeine, sugar and other strong stimulants or animal milk at least 2-3 hours before the Cacao Ceremony. Preferably the whole day. Fasting from food a whole day before a ceremonial dose of Cacao is not necessary – and we don’t recommend it for first-timers as an empty system may accelerate assimilation and bring on bitter-related nausea. Normal or light eating a few hours beforehand is fine. If you need – bring food to have handy during or after the Ceremony.


We are following the updates from Folkehelseinstituttet, regarding restrictions and health guidelines to maintain health safety as much as possible.

From our hearts to yours My Maria Sofia and Axel Haugland