Cacao Dance Party with Steffen Kirchhoff

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Remembrance Cacao invites you to discover that partying can be a sacred act! We use ritual, dancing, the sacred medicine of Cacao and soulful music to connect to deeper parts of ourself, each other and nature… supporting us to remember more and more of ourselves and to rediscover that life is sacred and so are we.

The Cacao Dance Party concept emerged from a dream that we can party in a conscious way, have heartopening and liberating experiences in an organic and integrative way.
A dream that says partying can actually be sweet medicine for our body, mind AND soul and that we can use our parties as an opportunity to come together as one tribe. There are so many of us that are so longing for this on a deep level!

We are co-creating a new warm culture of partying in Oslo together with you ❤
A culture that includes, not separates.
A culture that is healthy and drug-free.
A culture that our children can grow up into and learn from.

Come and join us this special evening, to be a part of this dream, to express yourself, dance freely and celebrate life with Ceremonial Cacao, amazing vibes and some of the hottest grooves from the global consciousness circuit, in a venue that has the best soundsystem in Oslo!