Cacao Dance Party with Lasse & Brynjulv

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The Cacao Dance experience is unlike any other party, we are blessed by stellar DJs that can touch a fully awake dance-floor as they explore more complex rhythms and happy harmonies than what is customary in regular clubs. After four amazing parties, we decided to take it up a notch! Cacao and Groove Connoisseurs Lasse & Brynjulv has teamed up for an epic night of tight grooves from all over the world. Prepare for the classic flutes and charangos of South America, the polyrhythms and chants of Africa, the wailing flutes of the middle east and other heartfelt cultural expropriation. Armed with an immense catalog, weaving in live vocals and percussion to lead you on a complete cacao journey. Innovating on the proven formula of amazing people, sacred cacao, meditation, music and dance.


The Cacao Dance Party concept emerged from a dream that we can party in a conscious way and have heart-opening and liberating experiences in an organic and integrative way. We are co-creating a new warm culture of partying in Oslo together with you ♥A culture that includes, not separates.A culture that is healthy and drug-free.A culture that our children can grow up into and learn from. Come and join us this special evening of Love, to be a part of this dream, to express yourself, dance freely and celebrate life with Ceremonial Cacao, amazing vibes and some of the hottest grooves from the global consciousness circuit, on the best soundsystem in Oslo! Ceremonial Cacao+Ecstatic Dance+Mystical Music = Pure magic!


What to Bring:

1. Loose-fitting/light clothes that let you move your body and free yourself.2. Water and a water bottle. You can refill it at the venue. What to AVOID:Any food, coffee, sweets, animal milk etc at least 2-3 hours before the ceremony. Fasting a whole day before a ceremonial dose is not necessary – and we don’t recommend it for first-timers as an empty system may accelerate assimilation and bring on bitter-related nausea. Normal or light eating a few hours beforehand is fine. Any allergies, pls contact us beforehand. Practical info:- 50 Early Bird tickets available until April 23th – 300 kr- From April 23th – 333 kr- Unless they sell out, tickets will be 350kr at the door. Get your ticket in advance so we know how many cups of cacao to make. – Entry is between 17.30-17.50. After that the doors will be closed.At 18.00 we will have our opening circle serving cacao, setting our intention and a guided group meditation. Around 18.30 the DJ starts playing. We close the space together with a relaxing and grounding meditation.

 *** This is a DRUG-FREE event *** 

Short about the Cacao:Theobroma

Cacao translates from Latin to “Food of the Gods” and was valued very high during the pre-columbian times. It was used by the Mayans in ceremony to celebrate life, death and other festivities.With this ancient plant medicine, Cacao, as an ally, we are gifted an opportunity to open up in a gentle way and to drop down from our heads – in to our bodies.We use 100% fair trade, organic, WILD, hand-peeled, criollo beans from Guatemala, and we prepare the elixir with love and care.We are happy and honored to share the awareness around this sacred plant and to let you experience what real chocolate can taste and feel like… – Theobromine, the active component in cacao, has a contraindication with anti-depressants – please let us know beforehand if you are taking any, or if you are pregnant, as we will need to adjust your dose accordingly. 

Much Love,My, Brynjulv & Lasse