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Cacao Dance Party #15 with Mose

Remembrance Cacao Gardens Haslumholtet 4, Nordre Frogn

★ Mini Cacao Festival ★   Let's jump on the magic bus together!   For this CDP, we wanted to do something special. Creating a more grounded energy of home, safety and family. It helps that our garden is bigger and cosier than Ekebergutsikten and the other venues we have used in the past!   ... Read more

kr 100 – kr 400

Cacao Dance Party #14 with Intiche


★ SUMMER SOLSTICE CELEBRATION ★ People of the Sun! Summer Solstice marks the shortest night and the longest day of the year. For millennia people have been dancing around fires, trees or poles, to honour the Sun and to increase harvest. Cultures around the world still celebrate this day with feasts, bonfires, picnics and songs. ... Read more

Cacao Dance Party #13 with Joaquín Cornejo

Skippergata Skippergata 22, Oslo

★ NEW SEASON ★ As the spring dragon continues to rise, some cycles start while others end. As the Cacao Dance Party rises from hibernation with new life, our beloved playground Skippergata 22 is sailing it's last voyage, never to be seen again. So let us light that ship on fire with our dance, giving ... Read more

kr 300 – kr 350

Cacao Dance Party #12 with Ekchuaj

Skippergata Skippergata 22, Oslo

★ SEASON FINALE ★   What a ride it has been! This 12th Cacao Dance Party marks the conclusion of an amazing first round of authentic cacao clubbing in Oslo. To celebrate, CDP resident Ekchuaj has been cooking up a set that will keep you grooving until we start season 2 some time this spring! ... Read more

kr 300 – kr 333

Cacao Dance Party with Ekchuaj

SALT ART - Music Festningsallmenningen, Oslo

- We are a part of the whole - We belong to the big family of many species of plants, and animals on this planet. With our modern living today, it is easy to forget though, that WE humans also are animals and have many of the same characteristics and needs as other species. The ... Read more

Cacao Dance Party with Lasse & Brynjulv

The Cacao Dance experience is unlike any other party, we are blessed by stellar DJs that can touch a fully awake dance-floor as they explore more complex rhythms and happy harmonies than what is customary in regular clubs. After four amazing parties, we decided to take it up a notch! Cacao and Groove Connoisseurs Lasse & Brynjulv ... Read more

kr 300 – kr 333

Cacao Dance Party with ALUNA

Skippergata Skippergata 22, Oslo

Oh yes, Steffen Kirchoff is back! After an amazing, packed event last year, we are now honoured to have him back in Norway - and this time with his beloved Maywa to add even more flavour and magic! Together, as ALUNA, they will lead you through a soulful dance and a shamanic sound journey.Welcome to ... Read more

kr 300 – kr 333

Cacao Dance Party with ∞ Alma ∞ Omega ∞

Skippergata Skippergata 22, Oslo

Buy your ticket in advance so we can ensure your cup of Ceremonial Cacao. ∞ MOVEMENT ∞ MUSIC ∞ MEDICINE ∞ Remembrance Cacao invite you to discover that partying can be a sacred act! We use ritual, dancing, the sacred medicine of Cacao and soulful music to connect to deeper parts of ourself, each other ... Read more

kr 300 – kr 333

Sold Out! Full Moon Cacao Dance Party with Mose

The Villa Møllergata 23, Oslo

Remembrance Cacao Party - OPENING NIGHT! MUSIC > MOVEMENT > MEDITATION Do you long to.. ; ..have fun ? .. FREE your expression ? ..express through movement and connection to your own heart and body ? ..do it TOGETHER with others that wants the same <3 ? Then come and join us this Full Moon, ... Read more

kr 300